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WOF is a movement focused on collaboration and kindness in the workplace, galvanising a community of women to work together as a new generation of talent across multiple sectors and industries. Learn more about the inspiring and high-achieving women who are part of our community.
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Dunola Oladapo
Masters in Global Affairs Student at Tsinghua University, Beijing as a HSBC fellow of the Schwarzman Scholars Programme.
What is the best part of your job?
I really enjoy studying among such a diverse cohort of scholars from over 36 different countries. I value the diversity of backgrounds, disciplines and interests evident in my classmates. Just a few weeks into the programme now and I already feel that I am truly developing as a leader and more importantly as a person.
If you could give one piece of advice to yourself at the start of your career what would it be?
“You deserve to be there just like everyone else”
What is an act of kindness that you will remember forever?
In 2017, I had been selected as the UK ambassador to the G(irls)20 Summit in Munich. During the summit week, Carolann Edwards (Global Director of Learning and Organisational Development at Norton Rose Fulbright) was delivering a workshop on leadership. Everything she said resonated with me so much that I was actually in tears! I immediately knew that I wanted her to mentor me. I stayed back after the workshop to have a chat with her and when she offered to mentor me I was so humbled and overwhelmed.
Carolann is an emblem of kindness to me because even though she is really, really busy she creates time to listen to me and to guide me. She has given me key advice that has positively shaped my career so far. On an occasion, I spoke with her about an issue I was experiencing and she set me up for a session with an expert life coach who helped me tremendously in that area.
What is your favourite quote?
"Little drops of water make a mighty ocean" Julia Fletcher Carney
If you could invite two people to dinner (dead or alive!) who would they be and why
1) Indra Nooyi because she has inspired me for years! I just love how she ran such a large global business consistently with grace and creativity. She is such a boss. I still watch some of her old interviews on YouTube just for inspiration and I am always in awe. She often says ‘she doesn’t have it all’ but I have to say, from my perspective it kind of looks like she does! The opportunity to have dinner with her would be the coolest thing ever.

2) My Grandfather Isaac Adeleke because I miss him so much and I often wonder what he would think of the life I am living right now. He passed away when I was quite young but I still remember how he always encouraged me to push myself academically, he would look at me and tell me that I could achieve anything.
More stories from our Network
Tina Ghazimorad
Senior Producer, Manoto TV
What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is having an opportunity to inspire and to have an impact on the lives of millions of people through the work that I produce; especially when it comes to the historical documentaries and TV shows. I believe it is very that the new generation understands their history, as I believe we can not go forward without understanding the past. Therefore, a large part of my work to date has been to counter any historical falsification by the current Iranian regime and to mitigate the obscuring effects of time.
Dr Lindsay Ip
Principal Clinical Psychologist, King's Health Partners
What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is being able to facilitate change in people's hearts and minds and breaking down barriers between people so that the collective power of a diverse group can be realised. This happens on many levels. Clinically, I see clients who range from those with severe mental and physical illness to senior executives trying to strive under uncertainty and complexity. On a group level, I offer process consultation and education and training to about a thousand healthcare professionals to enable them to be more resilient and more confident in joining up mental and physical healthcare. On a systemic level, I also work to change structures, processes and organisational culture.
Sheila Nortley
Screenwriter/Producer, Emineo Films
What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is that it is really not as much of a job as it is an extension of me. I get to create what I want, talk about what I want and express myself in a medium which I love. It also challenges me and allows me to grow and develop each day.