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Erin Maciejewski
Associate Scientist - Process Chemistry, GSK
Tell us about you in 100 words
I'm an Associate Scientist working in Process Chemistry, Drug Substance Development at GSK. My role entails designing and optimising chemical routes for the manufacturing of drug substances for potential new medicines as part of a multi-disciplinary matrix team.
Joining GSK as a Chemistry Apprentice at 18, I upskilled in areas including Process Chemistry, Continuous Manufacturing and Chemical Engineering whilst simultaneously gaining my FdSc in Applied Chemical Sciences. Post-apprenticeship, I was offered an Associate Scientist position and the opportunity to gain my full BSc.
I am also a committee member for the RSC’s Process Chemistry & Technology Group, handle Social Media & Communications Strategy for the Science Apprenticeship Forum, and do a lot of STEM outreach work with local schools to help inspire the next generation of scientists.
Tell us about the kindest person in your career and how they made a difference in your journey
I’ve been incredibly lucky to have come across so many kind people throughout my (admittedly short) career so far, each of whom have helped me to succeed in a variety of different ways.
However, the kindest person I’ve had the privilege of working with in my career is my long-term mentor, Richard Henson. Not only has he taught me everything he knows to make me the best chemist that I could possibly be (including using some very weird and wacky analogies to teach me chemical principles- the Circle Line is a particular favourite of mine!) but he has also gone above and beyond to support me in some of my toughest times (which has at times included teary late-night calls about university work). He is also a huge part of the reason for my success to date, patiently introducing me to the way a laboratory works, instilling me with confidence, giving me the courage to take every opportunity which comes my way and even being the one to nominate me for a WOF award. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be half the chemist or woman I am today without Rich, and I will be forever grateful to be able to call Rich a friend.
If you could invite two people to dinner (dead or alive!) who would they be and why?
This is a tough one as I’d love to be able to have a full-blown dinner party full of people who inspire me!
I’d love to have a conversation with Dr Merritt Moore around how ballet and the arts have influenced and inspired her research in quantum physics and robotics but equally how she has managed to find a balance between having a career in both quantum physics and professional ballet.

I’m also a bit of a musical theatre nerd so I’d love to explore how Lin Manuel Miranda develops melodies and characters using inspiration from the world around him and his own experiences. I think that it would be such a fascinating conversation.
What is your advice for women who are interested in or have just started in your field?
Be curious! The nature of science is to learn and explore so ask plenty of questions and don’t be afraid to challenge pre-existing processes for new ideas! Creativity is how science evolves and new perspectives are important!
A tip you’d give yourself in the most challenging moment of your career
Slow down, take a breath, go back to the basics and trust your instincts. Taking the time to put everything you know down on paper often helps to put everything into perspective and a lot of times the answer is right in front of you without you knowing it!
A book everyone should read and a movie everyone should watch
A book(s) everyone should read: One of my absolute must reads is Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed as a reminder of the power that diversity brings to the table in any organisation.
If non-fiction books aren’t your thing I also love any books by Jodi Picoult however, Mad Honey By Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan was a compelling read which tackled an array of difficult subjects in a beautifully accessible and poignant way.
A movie everyone should watch: A particular favourite of mine is The Intern as it’s a good reminder that help, support and perspective can come from the most unlikely of people and places (plus who doesn’t love a feel-good film with both Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro in it?).
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